Our Services

At MobileAds Marketing, our ethos is to deliver cost-effective, services of good caliber, and satisfy your advertising needs. We provide quality printing services, using inkjet printers to ensure customer contentment. We are also very experienced in many different forms of vehicle dimensions, which makes us the best company for this job. MobileAds Marketing specializes in providing taxi advertising, bus advertising, led truck advertising, airport bus advertising, airport taxi advertising. We believe in the idea of fully utilizing your own resources in the best way we know possible- by using your company vehicles as a form of advertising.

  • Your personal/company fleets will be transformed into an around the clock eye-catching, striking and vivid advertisement-on- wheels- all by our very own installation team.
  • Companies that we work with will be rewarded the advantage of recognition: it is assured that your campaigns will be impactful and memorable.
  • We pride ourselves in the large savings that you can earn using mobile advertising, a form of advertising we endorse.
  • Advertising-on- wheels brings a promising image to the company as well as a sense of grandeur.